Monday 27 April 2015

Monday Morning Music Get-ups #3

1. “Uptown Funk” - Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars

An obligatory party hit, much like “Happy” by Pharrell Williams. I’ve been a massive fan of Mark Ronson since his album, ‘Version’ dropped. This man can do no wrong and as far as I am concerned, he is only one Jewish man I would ever want to be with … Unfortunately he is married (too bad for him).

2.  “Make me Proud” – Drake ft. Nicki Minaj

I used to fancy Drake, but Madonna ruined whatever romantic/sexual daydream I had of him after she stuck her medusa-like tongue down his throatHowever this song always gets me positively fired up in the mornings. It’s a great beat with Drake repetitively congratulating powerful, strong, boss ass bitches out there (and Nicki Minaj positively reinforcing that), expressing how proud he is of them. A true feminist you are, Drake! #PussyPower

3. “Real Love”/ “Stronger” or anything by – Clean Bandit

I have a strong penchant for big bands, big voices, big sounds, big everything and goddamn, Clean Bandit know exactly what they are doing, every time! There is always so much feeling behind each and every one of their songs, as their music truly exerts the positive energy they’re (successfully) trying to convey. Click here to watch their latest single, "Stronger"

4. “Goldie” – A$AP Rocky

Sick tune, sick beat, sick rhythm, mixed with a catchy hook and A$AP Rocky’s rap vocals. Makes me want to get out my gold chains out, put my grillz and flat cap and get dancin’.

5. “Lose Control” – Missy Elliot ft. Ciara & Fat Man Scoop

An oldie but a goodie (link to Ciara). If you can get through this catchy song without busting out the lyrics or dancing, then you must be a heartless alien.

>>> What music or songs gets you up in the mornings?

x Leah Tortilla



Friday 24 April 2015

I got my pen license ten years ago (can you please jot that down?)

Since graduating from University last year, I have worked in a couple of roles that haven’t coincided with my career pathway goals. Frustrated with my lack of job satisfaction, I decided to get real and stop chasing the dollar signs and start chasing the experience.

I am not sure if it’s because I’ve started applying for graduate/entry-level positions that I am increasingly asked questions relating to my high school days: What high school did you go to? When did you finish? What was your ENTER score? What subjects did you study?

Directionless, young, wild and free me (ten years ago)
These questions take me back, both literally and metaphorically. I finished high school ten years ago and my peers and I were always under the impression (because we were explicitly told) that after a couple of years, high school and your final scores are no longer relevant. They never told me that my 18 year-old-ghost-self-from-the-past would come back to haunt me ten years later though.

Britney Spears post mental-breakdown
(aka 18 yr old Leah)
Back in the day, my high school self was far from studious. I was directionless, lacked career motives, spent my disposable money on fashion, alcohol and taxi rides home from the city and barely saved my money. I hadn’t been overseas but was constantly dreaming about it and giving in to the “what-ifs”. I partied hard and drank harder. I just knew I wanted to enjoy being young while I was, have fun, live recklessly and responsibility-free.

Flash-forward to my 28th year, I am still consuming alcohol but far less than I used to and hardly ever going to clubs. I have moved out of home, pay my own bills, save my money and am on my way to becoming a responsible adult. I have travelled to thirteen different, lived in Mexico for seven months, enjoy language barriers and never give in to “what ifs”. I have also since returned to studies, completed a degree, have clear direction and ambition of the career path I want to take and determination to get there.
"…Baby One More Time"-Britney (aka current Leah)
So when interviewees question my high school self and ENTER score, I feel like responding:
“You’re wanting me to compare the young, ambitious ‘…Baby One More Time’-Britney Spears dedicated to making a career for herself; to post-mental-breakdown, directionless ‘Gimme More’-Britney Spears?! My 18-year-old self was ‘Gimme More’-Britney. I am the ‘…Baby One More Time’- Britney (without the naivety)! Same person, but that's like comparing apples to oranges. Especially when they haven’t ripened. Although I appreciate your questions of interest, no one cares anymore that Guy Sebastian won ‘Australian Idol’ or participated in ‘World Idol’ ten years ago and lost, because it has no relevancy anymore! He has done so much more with his life and career in the past ten years, as have I. So can we please concentrate and focus on the relevancy of that?” 
Guy Sebastian, circa ten years ago: Whatta dork!

... Instead I just usually respond, “that was ten years ago and I actually think I got my pen license about then too. (Can you please write that down/quote me on that?) Also are you sure what I did a decade ago really has any relevancy now?”

>>> So tell me, what interview question(s) gets you riled up?

x Leah Tortilla